Akumina InterChange Add-In for Microsoft Office 365

Akumina has released its Content Approval Add-in for Microsoft Outlook within their InterChange technology. The InterChange AppManager includes apps that enable employees to quickly access the data and tools they need to get their jobs done that ensures a connected end user experience. To read more about Akumina’s Add-in, click here.

Introducing the InterChange DigitalWorkplace

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 3.41.41 PM.pngAkumina has just launched the InterChange DigitalWorkplace Platform, the only full customizable and extendable digital workplace platform that can be deployed quickly, easily, and cost effectively while promoting employee engagement, productivity, and collaboration.

The InterChange DigitalWorkplace Platform is built on-top of the InterChange DevFramework and the AppManager SDK making extending and customizing your experience straight forward, scalable, predictable, and repeatable.

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Digital Workplace Webinar with Naomi Moneypenny and David Maffei


Make sure to tune in for the Webinar on August 4th at 1 pm presented by Naomi Moneypenny, Chief Technology at Synxi and Microsoft MVP, and David Maffei, Chief Revenue Officer at Akumina, to learn about what a digital workplace is, how you can build it, and how you can measure the success of it. This webinar is focused on what power users can build themselves with little or no help from the IT pros, as well as integration into services you are already using. Explore how the Office 365 platforms and Akumina can help lower costs while providing greater agility in the workplace. Click here to register for free!

Lessons Learned with Microsoft Graph API

I have worked a bunch with integrating many third party applications using the ‘App’ model and oAUTH.  These include the big names such as Instagram and Facebook.  Recently, here at Akumina we needed to integrate with the Office Graph for a couple of our

Intranet 365 controls, specifically the Calendar and People Directory and this post is designed to share with some of the things I learned along the way.

The Intranet 365 People Directory

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Akumina Girls at SPTechCon


Akumina has traveled to Boston this week for SPTechCon and was trying to get everyone to Catch the #AkuminaBuzz. SPTechCon is the world’s premier independent event for SharePoint and Office 365. The Akumina Girls, Emili and Ellie, were interacting with guests throughout the whole event, taking pictures and handing out frisbees all while talking to them about Akumina. Make sure to check out Akumina on Twitter and Instagram to see pictures of all the attendees Catching the #AkuminaBuzz and having fun doing it! Pictured above is Dan Diachenko from Boston SP User Group Catching the #AkuminaBuzz.

Three Questions with Paul Houghton

Paul Houghton joined the Akumina board of directors earlier this month. Houghton, who lives in Atlanta, GA spent 23 years at Microsoft leading sales organizations in the enterprise, small and medium sized customer segment as well as the government customer segment. He worked throughout the U.S., in China and Australia before leaving the company in 2011. Houghton was most recently President of the America’s for SITA – a multi-billion-dollar company that designs, delivers and operates sophisticated business solutions for air transportation and government customers globally.

Paul recently sat down with The Buzz to discuss his role on the board and the opportunity he sees at Akumina. Continue reading “Three Questions with Paul Houghton”

Look for the Akumina Girls at SPTechCon in Boston

The Akumina Girls, Emili and Ellie, will be taking on SPTechCon June 27-30th in Boston. If you are attending,  come and find them because the girls will be making sure that everyone is Catching the #AkuminaBuzz with some exciting giveaways! Watch the video here to see more about the adventures of the Akumina Girls as they get ready to take over SPTechCon. Time to get excited!

Overcoming Authentication Challenges with SharePoint-Connected Add-ins

Any Office 365 developer is able to build Add-ins for Office 365 applications like Word, Excel or Outlook. The Add-in model allows developers to build custom apps with business logic that runs inside of these Microsoft programs to achieve a specific outcome. The Add-ins will work across desktop applications for windows and mac as well as web-based browsers in desktop or mobile devices such as iOS, Android and Windows. Office Add-ins can be acquired in two ways: directly from the office store from the ribbon of the targeted application, or “side-loaded” by IT administrators.

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