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Whitepaper – Employee Engagement and the Digital Workplace

Employee engagement measures the level of involvement, enthusiasm and commitment an employee has for their work and the organization. Employees benefit from being highly engaged and the organization they work for benefits from having highly engaged employees—a win-win overall. At Akumina, we have a strong viewpoint on Employee Engagement and have published it in a new whitepaper, now available for download. Continue reading “Whitepaper – Employee Engagement and the Digital Workplace”

Akumina Views – Making SharePoint UI Design Easy and Consistent

When you think about SharePoint development the first thing that probably doesn’t come to mind is, “Wow! Building our custom-branded experience on this platform could NOT be easier!”

The reality is that SharePoint IS a great platform. Combine it with Office 365 and you have arguably the best digital workplace cloud platform on the planet. However, in a lot of cases companies stand up the out-of-box version of SharePoint with some minor color palette changes. Ultimately this doesn’t deliver on the organization’s brand guidelines—all it does deliver is a lackluster user experience for employees. The reason? Continue reading “Akumina Views – Making SharePoint UI Design Easy and Consistent”

Akumina Data Encryption using Microsoft Azure Storage Service

When bringing any new technology into an enterprise, security is of course a paramount concern. Let’s go “under the hood” and examine in detail how Akumina safeguards business information to provide a trusted infrastructure. Continue reading “Akumina Data Encryption using Microsoft Azure Storage Service”

Business Productivity: What’s the next catalyst?

The factors that drove the massive employee productivity gains of the last half-century are well-known and easy to identify. They boil down to advances in an organizing principle from production lines, through lean management techniques, to the use of computers and mechanical automation.

So what’s next? When growth is always an imperative business need, how much more “massive” can employee productivity gains become? Are such gains even realistic to expect? Continue reading “Business Productivity: What’s the next catalyst?”

Akumina and Flow: the PB&J of Intranets

Akumina provides a framework to build out the most amazing digital workplace experiences. From managing news for your teams to collaborating on documents and events, Akumina can can handle all the core functionalities your teams need to get done what they need to get done.

But what if you want to kick those functionalities up a notch or two? Add a few bells over there and some whistles over here? Work in the features that didn’t quite make the cut in your phase 1 implementation? Continue reading “Akumina and Flow: the PB&J of Intranets”

Digital Workplaces: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous, and Back Again

Tom Kincaid is Akumina’s Regional Director—West. He’s an unrepentant millennial, and a true believer in the positive power of digital workplaces to make everyone better at what they do. Which should come as no surprise, because he’s experienced intranets at their very best and their absolute worst. He shares his personal journey here. Continue reading “Digital Workplaces: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous, and Back Again”

Akumina Helping to Enable Retail Execution at NRF 2018 – Retail’s Big Show

The National Retail Foundation (NRF) 2018 – Retail’s Big Show – was held last week in January, 2018, in New York City. This is a showcase of trends and technologies that will drive investment directions for the next couple of years and consumer experiences for much of the next decade.

Akumina has some distinct capabilities to bring business functionality, information, task management, and feedback to frontline workers. We feel strongly that if we can enable retail-oriented enterprises to empower their front line workers with the information and the tools, the training and the guidance, in an as-needed timeframe, that organizations will better be able to execute on their directions as a complete enterprise. Continue reading “Akumina Helping to Enable Retail Execution at NRF 2018 – Retail’s Big Show”

Akumina named “Intranet-Choice-Multinational Companies” in ClearBox Intranet Report

Akumina is proud to announce its recognition in the third annual ClearBox Consulting SharePoint intranets in-a-box report. The 2018 report analyzes over 34 products and introduced a new series of ‘intranet choice’ awards to highlight products that stood out above the rest. Continue reading “Akumina named “Intranet-Choice-Multinational Companies” in ClearBox Intranet Report”

Boston Red Sox Score Big with Employees

Today we are excited to announce that the Boston Red Sox have chosen Akumina’s digital workplace platform to launch their new global digital workplace!  Continue reading “Boston Red Sox Score Big with Employees”

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