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O-I Launches Transformative Digital Workplace on Akumina Platform

Akumina, recently named a Top 10 Startup in New Hampshire, expands Fortune1000 customer success


NASHUA, N.H. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Akumina Inc., the world’s leading software provider of digital engagement solutions for the workplace, today announced that O-I has successfully launched on their digital workplace software platform. Based in Perrysburg, OH, O-I is the world’s leading glass container manufacturer with more than a century of experience crafting pure, sustainable, brand-building glass packaging for many of the world’s best-known food and beverage brands. Continue reading “O-I Launches Transformative Digital Workplace on Akumina Platform”

Interview: Ruven Gotz, Microsoft MVP, on digital workplaces

Ruven Gotz

Los Angeles-based Ruven Gotz has two decades of experience in collaboration solutions and enterprise social tools. He helps clients with planning their strategy, information architecture, governance, change management, and adoption challenges as they relate to the digital workplace.

Ruven has received the Microsoft “Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) award for the past nine years and has been an international speaker and author on these topics for many years.

Continue reading “Interview: Ruven Gotz, Microsoft MVP, on digital workplaces”

Digital Workplace Experience 2018 Recap


Last week I attended and was a presenter at the Digital Workplace Experience conference in Chicago hosted by Simpler Media and the Digital Workplace Group. During this 3-day conference, DWX attendees had the opportunity to see inside the world’s most successful digital workplaces through live tours, presentations and workshops. They were also exposed to the latest digital workplace trends, best practices and research during keynotes, sessions, and workshops. Continue reading “Digital Workplace Experience 2018 Recap”

Akumina Delivers Native Enterprise iOS and Android Apps for Global Digital Workplace Customers

Digital Workplace Software Leader Releases Native Mobile App Support for iOS and Android

Akumina, the leader in digital workplace software solutions, today announced product enhancements that deliver support for native enterprise mobile apps, further accommodating the company’s rapidly expanding global customer base. Continue reading “Akumina Delivers Native Enterprise iOS and Android Apps for Global Digital Workplace Customers”

Akumina and Flow: the PB&J of Intranets

Akumina provides a framework to build out the most amazing digital workplace experiences. From managing news for your teams to collaborating on documents and events, Akumina can can handle all the core functionalities your teams need to get done what they need to get done.

But what if you want to kick those functionalities up a notch or two? Add a few bells over there and some whistles over here? Work in the features that didn’t quite make the cut in your phase 1 implementation? Continue reading “Akumina and Flow: the PB&J of Intranets”

Digital Workplaces: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous, and Back Again

Tom Kincaid is Akumina’s Regional Director—West. He’s an unrepentant millennial, and a true believer in the positive power of digital workplaces to make everyone better at what they do. Which should come as no surprise, because he’s experienced intranets at their very best and their absolute worst. He shares his personal journey here. Continue reading “Digital Workplaces: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous, and Back Again”

SharePoint-alooza! Our NACS Recap

Akumina’s Jim Manning and I just got back from the North American Collaboration Summit, also known as “SharePoint-alooza,” in Branson, Missouri. We were excited to represent Akumina, meet our customers, and be part of this celebration of business productivity and collaboration that surrounds SharePoint and Office 365 today. Here’s our report: Continue reading “SharePoint-alooza! Our NACS Recap”

Akumina Reports Record Growth in 2017; Strong Momentum for 2018

Akumina Inc., the leading software provider of digital workplace and collaborative work management solutions, today announced record-growth during the 2017 fiscal year that concluded on December 31,2017. The company’s strong momentum is largely fueled by accelerated enterprise customer acquisition and significant existing-customer expansion, as well as further alignment with Microsoft and its strategic partnership with Avanade. Akumina’s record growth for 2017 included year-over-year top-line sales gains of 204% and year-over-year expansion of annual recurring revenue of 273%. Continue reading “Akumina Reports Record Growth in 2017; Strong Momentum for 2018”

Akumina named “Intranet-Choice-Multinational Companies” in ClearBox Intranet Report

Akumina is proud to announce its recognition in the third annual ClearBox Consulting SharePoint intranets in-a-box report. The 2018 report analyzes over 34 products and introduced a new series of ‘intranet choice’ awards to highlight products that stood out above the rest. Continue reading “Akumina named “Intranet-Choice-Multinational Companies” in ClearBox Intranet Report”

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