Udaiappa Ramachandran (Udai) is the CTO at Akumina, is a Cloud Expert, Azure insider, Organizer of New Hampshire Cloud .NET Cloud User Group (@nhcloud) and is often engaged as a speaker for the New England Area user group, boot camp, and code camp.

Akumina Data Encryption using Microsoft Azure Storage Service

When bringing any new technology into an enterprise, security is of course a paramount concern. Let’s go “under the hood” and examine in detail how Akumina safeguards business information to provide a trusted infrastructure. Continue reading “Akumina Data Encryption using Microsoft Azure Storage Service”

Microsoft Build 2017 Highlights

Akumina had great time at the recent Build 2017 conference, thanks for all the developers who visited our booth#113.  Akumina’s vision started with building a product on top of Microsoft Graph and after attending the Build conference it clearly shows that we’ve chosen the right path for the future.

Every session at Build had bit of Graph talk, Here is the summary of Build 2017 Keynote announcements: Continue reading “Microsoft Build 2017 Highlights”

Provisioning InterChange from Azure Marketplace 

Last month Akumina announced that our Digital Workplace platform, InterChange, is now available on the Azure Marketplace.

With this release, Microsoft customers can now easily stand up an instance of InterChange to empower their internal business users and developers to deliver contextual and personalized digital experiences that will transform how their employees work, collaborate, and innovate.

I wanted to walk through the steps on how to deploy an instant of InterChange on a virtual machine directly from the Azure Marketplace.    Continue reading “Provisioning InterChange from Azure Marketplace “

Overcoming Authentication Challenges with SharePoint-Connected Add-ins

Any Office 365 developer is able to build Add-ins for Office 365 applications like Word, Excel or Outlook. The Add-in model allows developers to build custom apps with business logic that runs inside of these Microsoft programs to achieve a specific outcome. The Add-ins will work across desktop applications for windows and mac as well as web-based browsers in desktop or mobile devices such as iOS, Android and Windows. Office Add-ins can be acquired in two ways: directly from the office store from the ribbon of the targeted application, or “side-loaded” by IT administrators.

Continue reading “Overcoming Authentication Challenges with SharePoint-Connected Add-ins”

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